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Our people's stories

Tejilee Tembe
Supply Chain Quality Manager
Ferrero India

I look after logistics quality to ensure compliance with Ferrero’s International quality standards throughout the Indian subcontinent distribution channel. By implementing global quality standards for commercial distribution, I help make sure our consumer has a positive and happy experience, which in turn builds brand loyalty and a strong corporate image.

Tejilee Tembe

Looking at a Ferrero product always makes me want one! We didn’t have access to them during my childhood in India, and I would eagerly await a visit from my cousins abroad to see the delicious golden chocolates with their wonderful taste that would leave me longing for the next visit. Ever since then, I’ve had a soft corner for my much loved Rocher.

Stephan Zaum
National Key Account Manager
Ferrero Germany

In my role as national key account manager, my team and I establish a long-term relationship with our client. Together, we develop complex strategies which benefit our trade client, our consumers and Ferrero alike. Every day, my goal is to drive the brands I remember from my childhood to a higher level, increase the number of shopper contacts and make more consumers happy.

Stephan Zaum Infografica Mobile
Stephan Zaum
Kinder Product Test

When I think about growing up, I remember the surprise and joy of Kinder products under the Christmas tree or during Easter Sunday. As a child, finding a Kinder Maxi Surprise was pure delight I will never forget.

Natalia Rakhleeva
Senior Sales Category Manager
Ferrero Russia

My primary responsibility is to accelerate our growth in the confectionery category and strengthen Ferrero’s position in the Russian market. My department develops & implements channels strategies, trade standards, and category management projects aimed at the top Russian retailers and I am proud to manage such an effective and united team.

Natalia Rakhleeva
Kinder Surprise Collector

I was born and grew up in a small town close to Lake Baikal. Nobody knew Kinder at that time. You can imagine how my sister and I would excitedly await father’s presents in celebration of the New Year, which always included a Kinder Surprise. At that time in Russia, and in our region in particular, Kinder Surprise was like a miracle! Today, the right placement at the checkout zone is one of the key priorities for Ferrero Russia, with a special focus on Kinder Surprise.

Thomas Chatenier Adult
Thomas Chatenier
Global Marketing & Innovation Director
Ferrero Luxembourg

I manage global brand initiatives to make sure that Kinder stays vibrant in the hearts of our consumers: this could mean improving our packaging design, developing new products, or launching our new purposeful communication platform “a little, a lot”. Overall, it is about finding the right balance between making sure the brand stays modern and contemporary while keeping its roots and DNA.

Infografica Mobile Thomas
Thomas Chatenier
Thomas Chatenier
Kinder Chocolate Climber

When I was a child, my parents would ask me to go to the bakery to buy bread or croissants, which was a step out of my comfort zone. They would allow me to buy a Kinder chocolate pack as a reward to share with the rest of the family. So for me, Kinder has always meant the small push to go further: a little bar, a little treasure to enjoy, a sweet moment with my family.

Working at Ferrero

At Ferrero, we know our products are loved by millions of people, young and old, all around the world. Imagine crafting the iconic brands that you’ve grown up with and being part of a team that reaches results and rewards innovation. This is Ferrero. Emotion, passion and values, generation after generation.

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Life at Ferrero Luxembourg HQ
Life at Ferrero Luxembourg HQ

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