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Meet our people

At Ferrero, we believe that our people are the heart and soul of our success. They embody our values of diversity and inclusion, bringing together a rich tapestry of talents and perspectives that drive our innovation. Crafting beloved products cherished by generations is not just our mission; it's a shared passion that unites us all. When you join Ferrero, you become part of a close-knit community where your ideas are valued, and your voice is heard. 
But don't just take our word for it – hear directly from our dedicated employees as they share their experiences and the true essence of working at Ferrero. Through their stories, you'll gain insights into the exciting opportunities, challenges, and the meaningful impact you can make in shaping the future of our iconic brand. Together, we will continue crafting extraordinary moments loved by generations, and you'll have the opportunity to be a part of making it happen.

Valentina | Marketing sales

Valentina channels her love for logic and numbers into her everyday work, excelling at turning data into actionable insights. As Business Intelligence and Analytics Account Manager, likes to support her colleagues with a bright smile and a positive attitude, fostering a collaborative spirit among the team.

Nilton | Manufacturing

Nilton has always been fascinated by how things work. As Operational Excellence Manager, he channels that curiosity to drive innovation and efficiency at Ferrero. Nilton’s enthusiasm and passion inspire the entire team. Embrace your passion and join us on this exciting journey!

Sophia | Corporate Communications

Going from being shy as a child to starting a career in Corporate Communications might seem contradictory. Listen to Sophia, Corporate Digital Communications Manager at Ferrero, as she reflects on moving outside of her comfort zone and the different dynamics her life has taken. In the end, it’s all about finding the environment to explore your passions.

Sebastian | Strategic Functions

Sebastian drives Strategy and Innovation, as part of the Food Trend function at Ferrero. From childhood Tic Tac joys to shaping global food trends, today Sebastian turns ideas into tasty realities

Simone | Industrial & Supply

Introducing  Simone, one of Ferrero's mechanical masterminds. As a curious child eager to comprehend the intricacies of processes, he now plays a pivotal role in overseeing the entire product journey. Today, Simone turns ideas into tangible results, proving that with dedication, everything is possible!

Alejandra | Supply Chain

Meet Alejandra, a Demand Planning Maestro at Ferrero's Luxembourg HQ. Since she was a child, Alejandra always had the desire to uncover the secrets behind everything and understand how they work. This passion of hers continues to influence her at work, enriching the team with valuable strategic knowledge.

Clement | Sales

Growing up surrounded by sports and a keen interest in human connections, Clément now brings his exceptional attitude and sporting spirit into his work. As a Key Account Coordinator at Ferrero, he sees teamwork as the catalyst for achieving success.

Emily | Trade & Shopper Marketing

Emily is a Global Category Development Manager. Since childhood, her love for acting and dancing has shaped her journey. Today, this artistic background is her secret weapon. The blend of passion and skill adds an authentic touch to her customer interactions, turning each encounter into a unique experience.

Lavinia | Legal

Lavinia, our ice cream legal counsel at Ferrero HQ. She has always cherished puzzles and group games. Today, she applies this passion to fitting the right pieces together, much like a puzzle, ensuring our products meet legal requirements worldwide.
Her unique perk? She insists on tasting every single new product for "legal reasons". We don't know what they are, but we won't argue!

Irma | Recruitment

Meet Irma, our talented Recruiter from Mexico. With her passion for reading and writing, Irma adds a touch of creativity to our job adverts, infusing elements of storytelling to help candidates truly imagine themselves in the positions they are exploring.

Mohammed | Sales and Business Development

Introducing Mohammed, a driven professional from South Africa working in our Global Sales, Business & Development team. Mohammed's entrepreneurial spirit has been evident since childhood. Even as a young boy, he would upgrade and invest by selling his unwanted toys, igniting his passion for sales and business development.

Denise | Finance

Say hello to Denise, a passionate Transfer Price Specialist from Ferrero HQ in Luxembourg. Denise's natural curiosity has been part of her character since childhood. As a young girl, she had a special connection with Kinder Surprise toys, always curious to discover the surprises hidden within!

Elizabeth | Human Resources

Learn about Elizabeth, our charismatic Ferrero University Learning Specialist from Mexico. Ever since childhood, Elizabeth has loved being surrounded by people and communicating with them. Today, she embraces this passion by supporting and connecting with teammates from all around the world!

Elnur | Finance

This is Elnur, our committed Finance Specialist from Azerbaijan. As a child, Elnur enjoyed recording family activities in his notebook and designing all manner of things. He continues to apply these passions by keeping track of transactions and proudly developing dashboards for his team.

Latifa | Human Resources

Meet Latifa from our HR team. Latifa is originally from Italy and discovered her passion and inspiration for people very early in life. This passion led her to her current career in HR where she supports colleagues to perform and succeed.

Paola | Procurement

Introducing Paola, our enthusiastic Central Packaging Buyer based in Luxembourg. Paola was a curious child, never afraid of discovering new things and taking on new challenges. She continues to cherish curiosity by negotiating with suppliers and finding ways to reach win-win situations.

Prescila | Marketing

Introducing Prescila, our passionate Brand Manager from Lebanon. As a child, Prescila was extrovert and loved fine arts. Today, she conducts her own orchestra by coordinating stakeholders to drive the right rhythm and tempo of the Marketing projects she manages.

Fabrice | Human Resources

Say hello to Fabrice, our HR colleague from Germany specialized in compensation processes. Fabrice discovered his passion for connecting with people at an early age. He enjoyed being around other kids and this was important to him. Today, he cherishes this passion by supporting people so that they can create their own remarkable memories.

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