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Here at Ferrero we love what we do: we are the proud crafters of worldwide iconic and well-loved brands. It’s what we’ve been doing for over 70 years, always with the same, ongoing dedication and enthusiasm.

Our company is defined by our people. We are a global team that is always looking for new talents. Being part of Ferrero means being involved in a shared project characterised by strong values, a beautiful history and precise objectives. Together, we have the chance to further develop our future, bringing moments of joy to future generations, while developing personal and professional skills.

Develop your careers - Our learning Philosophy

Our Learning Philosophy

At Ferrero, we are people centric. Our entire philosophy on learning is centred around caring for our people, whilst acknowledging that proactivity and individual empowerment are the true agents of personal growth. As our employees craft their projects, we help each individual develop know-how and skills in a stimulating international environment. We guide our talents in embracing future challenges while preserving the Ferrero company’s heritage and traditions. Together, we work towards long-term career development along a defined framework, creating continuous conversation and nurturing the leadership skills that are fundamental to our mutual future success.

Your entry path

When you join Ferrero, we want to make sure that you fully experience and understand our company because our way of working, along with our company culture, are truly unique. This is why we offer dedicated learning experiences for students, graduates and experienced professionals.

Are you a student?

Are you student

Internships lasting between 3 and 6 months will introduce you to different departments. You will learn and gain first-hand experiences, bringing your ideas to a company with iconic brands.

Are you a graduate?

Develop Your Career  - Are you a graduate

Our graduate scheme is run in different company departments and will allow you to smoothly integrate into the Ferrero way of working, giving you the opportunity to progress in a global company.

Are you an experienced professional?

Develop Your Career  - Are you an experienced professional

Bring your personal expertise to Ferrero and start growing with us. You will face new, exciting challenges and enrich your specific knowledge in the FMCG business.


We have our employees’ personal growth and career development at heart. This is the reason why learning is part of our way of thinking, supported by our Global Key Programs that our employees can access, both online and through face-to-face lessons. Powered by Ferrero University, our in-house learning organisation, these programs promote continuous learning on the job in an international environment.

Develop Your Career -  Welcome to Ferrero

Welcome to Ferrero

Start your learning journey by sharing new experiences and discovering our values. We want our future crafters to understand and embrace the Ferrero way of thinking, which is why our new employees can learn who we are and how we act thanks to an extensive range of courses. The Ferrero Global Graduates Program - JOIN and Ferrerità, are our “Welcome to Ferrero” programs. They are specifically designed to introduce new employees to the Ferrero world.

Develop Your Career - Know-How Academies

Know-How Academies

At any stage of their career, our employees have the chance to improve their knowledge, build their technical skills and benefit from our internal expertise. Through continuous face-to-face and digital training programs, we help our people learn while guided by Ferrero experts and selected training providers who animate our Know-How Academies.

Develop your Career - Ferrero Leaders

Ferrero Leaders

Develop yourself as a manager and tackle business challenges with our executives. Our Master in International Management - MIM, at Bocconi University and our Ferrero Lead program are both dedicated to grooming our management team to become our future leaders.

Ferrero Career Bites

If you are studying, looking for an internship, or searching for your dream job, Ferrero Career Bites gives you full access to our team through live streaming events and exclusive bite-sized digital content crafted expressly for you. Created in partnership with HRC Group.

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