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Privacy Notice

Ferrero International S.A. (hereinafter, “Ferrero”) is committed to protecting the privacy of users of the Ferrero Careers website (hereinafter, the “Website”) and to complying with the applicable privacy and data protection laws in the context of recruitment.

Users of this Website and candidates (hereinafter also referred to as “you”) are requested to provide certain personal information (hereinafter, “Personal Data”) when registering on this Website or applying for a position within the Ferrero Group. This information notice (the “Notice”) has been written to inform you about how your Personal Data will be processed by Ferrero in the context of recruitment.

The scope of this Notice is limited to processing activities conducted by Ferrero and other companies of the Ferrero Group for recruitment purposes. For more information about how your Personal Data may be processed for technical or other purposes when accessing and browsing this Website, please refer instead to our Cookie Policy.

1. Who are we?

Ferrero has its registered office and headquarters in Luxembourg, Route de Trêves 16, L-2633 Senningerberg, Luxembourg. When processing your Personal Data for recruitment purposes, Ferrero acts as a data controller, together with the specific company to which you applied.

2. Which Personal Data do we collect about you?

In the context of recruitment, Ferrero collects Personal Data either directly from you or from other sources, as explained below.

Some basic identification data, contact details or information about your professional qualifications are essential for you to be able to register on the Website or apply for a position. These essential Personal Data are marked as mandatory on the Website and throughout the application process. Please note that Ferrero will not be able to confirm your registration or consider your application if you do not agree to provide these essential Personal Data.

a. Personal Data collected directly from you

When registering on this Website or applying for a position, you will be asked to provide various Personal Data, such as:

  • Identification data: this includes first and last name, date of birth, nationality and/or country of residence.
  • Contact details: this includes email address, telephone number and/or postal address.
  • Information on your professional qualifications: this includes information on your education and competences (e.g., copies of training certificates or diplomas) as well as information on your current or past professional experiences (e.g., a copy of your CV, a cover letter and/or reference letters).

When applying for a position and uploading documents such as your CV or cover letter on this Website, you may (inadvertently) share information that is not required by us and may be regarded as sensitive under applicable privacy and data protection laws. Sensitive Personal Data typically include information relating to your health, ethnicity, political opinions, religious beliefs, trade union membership, sexual orientation or criminal record. Ferrero asks you to refrain from sharing any sensitive Personal Data as part of your application and any accompanying materials (i.e., cover letter), unless it is required by law. If you voluntarily decide to share sensitive Personal Data with us, we will consider having obtained your explicit consent to collect and process such data when handling your application.

b. Personal Data collected from other sources

In addition to the information provided by you, we may also collect and process publicly available Personal Data from different sources, such as business and employment-focused websites or social media platforms (e.g., LinkedIn, Xing, Reuters, etc.), whenever this is considered relevant for a specific position.

We may also collect information from a recruitment agency, consultant or employment-related website with whom you have previously shared your Personal Data and who are authorized to further disclose such Personal Data. This would typically be the case, for example, when you have instructed a recruitment agency to share your CV with one or several companies that may be interested in your profile, including Ferrero. To ensure that we lawfully obtain such information, we only collaborate with trustworthy recruitment partners who have committed themselves to respecting all applicable privacy and data protection laws.

3. What is the purpose and legal basis of the processing?

Your Personal Data (as detailed above under 2. Which Personal Data do we collect about you?) will be processed by Ferrero for recruitment purposes only. In particular, Personal Data will be used for communicating with you with respect to your application, to assess your suitability for the job, and – if your application is successful – to make you an offer or enter into an employer/employee relationship with you.

When we collect Personal Data directly from you, depending on the nature of the Personal Data and the stage of the recruitment process, the legal basis for such processing is (i) during the pre-selection phase, our legitimate interest to assess your suitability for a position, (ii) during the hiring phase, the necessity to take steps to enter into an employment contract or similar agreement with you, at your request, and/or (iii) for any (unrequired) sensitive Personal Data which you have shared with us, your explicit consent.

When we collect your Personal Data from other sources, the legal basis is either (i) your consent (typically, when you have agreed to the sharing of your Personal Data by a recruitment agency), (ii) the fact that the Personal Data were manifestly made public by you, and/or (iii) our legitimate interest to check your suitability for a specific position based on publicly available information (typically, when you have created a public profile on a social media platform such as LinkedIn).

4. With whom do we share your Personal Data?

Ferrero cares about your privacy and will only share your Personal Data with persons whose involvement is necessary for the recruitment process (hereinafter, the “Recipients”). Your Personal Data will be communicated to the following Recipients in particular:

  • The human resources specialist(s) and administrator(s) of the company where you applied for a position (this can be Ferrero, any entity of the Ferrero Group or a Ferrero related company, as indicated in the job description), and, in some cases, the manager(s), superior(s) or colleague(s) with whom you may be working ; and
  • The human resources specialist(s) and administrator(s) of other companies of the Ferrero Group who may be interested in your profile.

Ensuring the confidentiality of your Personal Data is important to us. This is why employees authorized by Ferrero to process your Personal Data in the context of recruitment (e.g., human resources specialists) are subject to an obligation of confidentiality.

Beyond the above-mentioned Recipients, please note that your account information and other technical data (e.g., login details, etc.) can be accessed by the administrator of the Website, i.e., SAP SuccessFactors. On an exceptional basis, SAP SuccessFactors may also have access to your Personal Data for security and maintenance purposes (e.g., back-ups, server migration, software maintenance, etc.). When doing so, SAP SuccessFactors must also comply with all applicable data protection laws and will not use your Personal Data for any non-permitted purposes.

Exceptionally, Ferrero may also be required by law to communicate your Personal Data to a public body or authority or because of a binding order issued by a public body or authority. Ferrero will only provide Personal Data to them when strictly required to do so by law.

5. Do we transfer Personal Data outside of your country?

When applying for a position in a company located outside of the country where you are currently located or employed, any cross-border transfer of your Personal Data will be conducted in line with the applicable privacy and data protection laws.

6. How long do we keep your Personal Data?

Your Personal Data will be stored by Ferrero for a period of 18 months to a maximum of 2 years from the time they are entered onto the Website or from the most recent modification you made (e.g., if you update your CV). After this period, your Personal Data will be deleted or fully anonymized.

If you register on the Website, your account will remain active for a period of 18 months from the last day you logged in. After that period, your account will be disabled, and your account data will be deleted.

In any event, if you want us to delete your Personal Data before the end of the applicable retention period, you may formulate such a request by contacting us at

7. Do we accept applications from minors?

We may on a rare occasion offer internships as well as part-time or seasonal positions suitable for minors. In order for a minor to register on the Website and apply for a position, the parent(s) or legal guardian of that minor must consent to it.

8. What are your data protection rights?

Depending on your state of residence, you may have different data protection rights. You may exercise these rights at any time by contacting us in writing at These rights may include: (i) the right to obtain additional information or clarifications about the processing of your Personal Data, (ii) the right to access and obtain a copy of your Personal Data, (iii) the right to request the correction of your Personal Data if they are inaccurate or incomplete, (iv) the right to object to the processing of your Personal Data or to obtain restriction of processing from us, (v) the right to data portability, as well as (vi) the right to request the erasure of your Personal Data.

Please note that these rights are not absolute. If you contact us for exercising one of these rights, we will first analyze your request to assess whether we can positively respond to it. We will in any case get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

In the event you believe that Ferrero did not handle your request properly or infringed the applicable data protection law, you may file a complaint with the data protection authority of Luxembourg (the Commission Nationale pour la Protection des Données) or with your local data protection authority.

9. General information

This Notice was last amended in January 2024. Ferrero may update this Notice from time to time. We therefore invite you to regularly visit this page in order to remain up to date.

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