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Procurement is the overarching function in charge of acquiring the goods and services we need in our day to day business. It involves fundamental requirements, from sourcing activities such as market research, vendor evaluation and contract negotiation to purchasing execution.

The goods that contribute to the production of Ferrero’s products include raw materials like cocoa or hazelnuts, packaging elements like the glass Nutella jar or the paper base of Ferrero Rocher and all the machineries necessary to producing and delivering them.

As part of our Purchasing team, you can play an indispensable role in ensuring the quality, delivery and sustainability of our goods and services. The team also works to minimize risks, manage costs and steadily foster innovation and improvement within the company.

Paola | Procurement

Introducing Paola, our enthusiastic Central Packaging Buyer based in Luxembourg. Paola was a curious child, never afraid of discovering new things and taking on new challenges. She continues to cherish curiosity by negotiating with suppliers and finding ways to reach win-win situations.

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