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Experienced Professionals

At Ferrero, we actively recruit motivated professionals looking to advance their careers, their expertise and their global experience while representing the beloved brands they grew up with. The hiring process will depend in part on the country and position but the following overview should give you a general idea of how it works.


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    Click “find a job” to see what positions we have open that match your level of knowledge and experience. If you don’t find the right fit, have another look in the near future. We regularly open new opportunities throughout the year depending on local needs.

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    Apply on-line and don’t forget to include your latest CV and a brief cover letter to help us understand who you are and why the position appeals to you.

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    If we think your application could be a good match, we’ll let you know and arrange an interview via video or phone with someone from our recruiting team. The process may differ slightly country to country, but will assess your competencies, characteristics and technical skills, while determining how well your experience and approach fit with our corporate culture.

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    If the first interview goes well, you’ll have a second interview with a hiring manager from the business. This will focus on understanding both your raw technical aptitude and how your managerial experience can be put to the best use while allowing you to advance your career within our global organization. In some cases, you may be asked to complete a business case exercise and we’ll give you more information as we get closer to the interview.

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