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At Ferrero, the way we do things, the Ferrero Way, is the soul behind our most iconic and widely-loved brands. Our values are essential to us and we share them with everyone who joins Ferrero thanks to our dedicated programs. Whether straight out of university or experienced professionals, within the first two years at Ferrero our talents are introduced to the company through Ferrerità. Graduates also have the opportunity to learn more about our company culture and value chain through The Ferrero Global Graduates Program - JOIN. Both are interactive learning experiences involving employees from different countries.


If you are newly hired, Ferrero Managers will arrange for you to further integrate into the company in an intensive program based on the company’s value chain. During Ferrerità, your facilitators will share deep insights on our values and company culture while providing a broader understanding of the unique Ferrero way of thinking, promoting passion and sense of belonging. In Ferrerità, our vision and practices are discussed in depth thanks to an interactive environment where managers share their own experiences and promote personal growth.

The Ferrero Global Graduates Program - JOIN

If you are a graduate, our 12-month program will smoothly integrate you into Ferrero. Thanks to a comprehensive range of online courses, classroom training sessions and placement opportunities, you will experience our corporate culture and values, gain vital skills and get a strong understanding of the company. In addition, working together with people from different countries will help you create a diversified, international network. We do all we can to make sure you grow both as an individual and as a Ferrero employee.

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