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Для поддержания наших высоких стандартов отдел качества разрабатывает точные методики для контроля свежести и качества продукции по всей цепочке создания стоимости – от сырья, фабрик и складов до логистики, точек продаж и готовой продукции для конечного потребителя – для всех наших брендов. Команда также помогает обеспечить соблюдение гигиены, безопасности пищевых продуктов и руководящих принципов Группы. В рамках нашей команды вы можете внедрять и использовать новые ИТ-инструменты, которые повышают наши гарантии качества. Не менее важно, что вы будете нести ответственность за повышение осведомленности и заботу о качестве среди всех заинтересованных сторон..




People & Jobs

Supply Chain Quality Manager

Tejilee Tembe - India

Quality compliance monitoring throughout the distribution channel.

  • Quality standards
  • Consumer satisfaction
  • Brand image and loyalty



Crafted by Tejilee

The importance of ensuring high product standards throughout the distribution channel is a core part of our quality promise, which is why Tejilee analyses every factor that can influence the quality, safety and freshness of the product as it moves from manufacturing to the market. In addition to conducting quality audits and managing action plans in Ferrero warehouses and distribution points, she works closely with cross-functional teams to facilitate quality training.

I started at Ferrero Italy in Research and Development. After 2 ½ years I moved to Industrial Quality at the Ferrero India manufacturing plant in Baramati, where I was responsible for ensuring product quality standards along the production line. I now look after supply chain quality in the Commercial Quality department at the corporate office of Ferrero India. My job is to manage compliance and adherence to Ferrero International quality standards throughout the distribution channel for the Indian subcontinent. On a personal level, moving from Alba to Baramati to Pune has equipped me with a global mindset and given me the chance to learn a new language and culture, which makes it easier to integrate best practices within the organization.

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