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Отдел торгового маркетинга и категорийного менеджмента

Специализированная команда по торговому маркетингу поддерживает рынок при разработке и реализации стратегий продаж, которые полностью соответствуют стратегии бренда. Это включает развитие долгосрочных партнерских отношений и стратегию адаптации для управления различными категориями продуктов в соответствии с локальными условиями. Присоединившись к нашей команде, вы сможете помочь в разработке стратегии ценообразования и продвижения, отслеживании рентабельности инвестиций и предоставлении информации для Отделов управления торговыми инвестициями и продаж. Команда также отвечает за отчетность по продажам, анализ, внедрение и управление отношениями с клиентами, а это означает, что вы можете стать ключевой опорой для стратегического управления торговлей и розничным маркетингом с целью максимизации продаж и прибыли за счет удовлетворения нужд потребителей.




People & Jobs


Category Manager

Natalia Rakhleeva - Russia

Responsible for the growth of the confectionary category within Russia.

  • Negotiations
  • Channel strategy
  • Confectionary category growth

Crafted by Natalia

In addition to managing a team of seven employees, Natalia is responsible for strengthening Ferrero’s position in the Russian market. She develops channel strategies and manages category projects for all segments in which Ferrero operates, negotiates with retailers and implements initiatives aimed at increasing market penetration, purchase frequency and average purchase value.

After one year as a National Category Manager I was moved to the role of Lead Category Manager and six months later I was promoted to Senior Category Manager, my actual position. I would say that the 5 years I've spent with Ferrero have helped me grow personally and professionally, especially in terms of my leadership skills. I am looking forward to continuing my development in Ferrero according to the plan my Manager and I use as a basis for further enriching my competencies

Vice President, Category Management & Shopper Insights

Phil DeConto - USA

Building out Category Management for Ferrero USA

  • Category and Brand data analysis
  • Storytelling
  • Joint business planning
  • Strategic selling


Crafted by Phil

Crafted by Phil

Phil and his team are Ferrero USA's lead storytellers. His team analyzes data & insights to help the organization understand category performance, and how Ferrero's brands can drive the category's growth. This is fundamental to nurture a joint-business planning relationship with our retail partners. He encourages his team to seek out new technologies, embrace thought process diversity and to work within each members’ area of expertise to make for a stronger whole.

Ferrero has been great for my career development. They've provided the resources to establish my team and effectively accomplish our mission, and have been very open to expanding resources based on our demonstrated return on investment. They have supported my individual training & development needs by offering various learning experiences, including overseas market tours, conferences and presentation windows at senior management meetings. My manager has also been an incredible advocate during my career, ensuring that I have the resources necessary to be successful and trusting me to produce results that are aligned with his own team’s strategic goals.

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