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Global reach and opportunities

Our company was founded upon an ingenious solution to a common problem, the shortage of cocoa after the war. And while our history stems from an innovative idea, our future is driven by growth and modernity. From a northern Italian town to Europe and beyond, Ferrero has grown to reach 5 continents with a corporate headquarters in Luxemburg, and a portfolio of iconic brands that are loved by generations and distributed in 170 countries around the world.

From local to global

  • 1946 Ferrero is founded in Alba, Italy.
  • 1956 After the successful set up of the German plant, Ferrero begins to expand across Europe.
  • 1970s Ferrero expands outside Europe in USA followed by South America, Asia, Australia and Canada.
  • 2000s The new millenium marks the beginning of a great challenge to “beat the heat” in the territories.
  • 2015 Ferrero starts to make acquisition and buys Oltan Group (now Ferrero Findik) and Thorntons.
  • 2017 Ferrero continues its global expansion by acquiring Fannie May Confections Brands and establishing the Open Innovation Hubs in Singapore and New York.
  • 2018 Ferrero acquires the former Nestlé USA chocolate confectionery business with iconic brands, such as Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, 100 Grand, Raisinets, and the exclusive right to the Crunch brand (USA).
  • 2019 Ferrero acquires the Kellogg Company cookie, cone and pie crust business with iconic brands such as Keebler, Famous Amos, Mother’s and Murray, Little Brownie Bakers. Ferrero acquires a controlling stake in Ice Cream Factory Comaker (ICFC). Ferrero acquires Eat Natural, the maker of high-quality cereal bars, entering into the healthy snack market segment.

Worldwide expansion

Our heritage values allow us to approach the contemporary global marketplace with a local twist. To do this, we localise top-level objectives by entrusting our local teams with curating our brands in a way that is locally relevant. This means each country in our extended Ferrero family keeps its local flavour and expresses its unique identity while maintaining the underlying culture and spirit of Ferrero. Today, given the power of our glocal approach, we are actively pursuing new growth opportunities to realise our potential all over the world.

Local realities

Our environment embraces the professional and personal diversity of our people. We’re proud of this cross-culturalism and its role in our overall success. Explore below how our different Regions uniquely represent the growing world of Ferrero.

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Are you ready to help us create the brands you’ve always loved?

At Ferrero, we welcome people who think internationally and want to take part in crafting our global future. Talents who want to join the expanding Ferrero family and grow with us are welcome.

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