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The Marketing department uses creativity and strategy to deliver the consumer-centricity that defines Ferrero. Our team constantly crafts interesting projects and innovative ideas aimed at bringing value to our brands in an ethical and sustainable manner. They also develop strategic guidelines and defines the strategic framework for Global Brands, including brand architecture and power-branding, communication and positioning, innovation and renovation, as well as pricing, promotion, distribution and roll-out strategies. From market testing and consumer analysis to managing a brand portfolio and implementing digital and physical media strategies, you will help the team drive the growth of our brand portfolio and our company.




Industrial Marketing Brand Manager

Silvia Villari –Sweden

Create 360° marketing plans that respect the DNA and equity of each brand

  • Brand Category portfolio management
  • Optimize ad-hoc sales solutions
  • Multi-year Brand strategies
Marketing - Silvia Villari –Sweden

Crafted by Silvia

Silvia is responsible for the development of Ferrero Pralines and Tic Tac within all four countries of the Scandinavian market (Sweden-Denmark-Finland-Norway). In managing the brand portfolios at a Category level, she creates strategic, multi-year marketing plans and personalized sales solutions that are tailored for each market and designed to grow the brands and their value. One of the most rewarding aspects of her job is that Silvia feels she can make a difference.

I started my career in Ferrero Luxembourg as an Intern in 2012, and then joined the MPG team working on toy development, first in Seasonal Products and then for Kinder Surprise and Kinder Joy. After 4 years of full excitement in Italy and then back to Luxembourg, I moved to a Business Unit and assumed my current role of Business Manager for Pralines and Tic Tac in August 2017. Over all these years, Ferrero has always supported me and my decisions, offering not just one but multiple possibilities to develop my career and ambitions. I’ve also met great and inspiring people here at Ferrero who have helped me reach my objectives and have always appreciated my work.

People & Jobs

Global Marketing & Innovation Director

Thomas Chatenier - Luxembourg

Responsible for product innovation and global brand equity initiatives.

  • Packaging Design Improvements
  • New Product Innovations
  • Global Brand Equity Initiatives



Crafted by Thomas

Thomas is responsible for global brand management, which covers packaging design improvements, product range optimization and new product innovations. He also spearheads global brand equity initiatives like the launch of Kinder “a little, a lot” purposeful marketing campaign.

I began my career in Ferrero in 2010 as the Area Marketing Manager in the Anglo-American region where I mainly supported the launch of Nutella in the USA. After several years, I moved to Kinder where I was also responsible for the Russian market. I then moved to Brazil as Marketing Director for South America in 2014, where I managed a large team across three different locations (Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Bogota). In that position, my role was to grow Ferrero’s full portfolio in a very challenging environment. This is also an experience that helped me grow as a cross-cultural manager. Ferrero has continually supported me in my professional development path and I am now the Global Marketing and Innovation Director for Kinder snacks, tablets and bites portfolio as well as Purposeful Marketing initiatives.

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