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Engineering & Industrial development

The Engineering department ensures the continuous enhancement of Ferrero’s technical patrimony for products, processes and innovation. When you join the team, you’ll help nurture the development of technologies and Group know-how. Or lead feasibility studies and support projects with your technical competence. Our engineers manage innovation and technical solutions for buildings, infrastructures, mechanical equipment and machinery, as well as provide engineering support for R&D and technological development, thus enriching our patented core technical innovations.




People & Jobs

Simulation Systems & Analysis Specialist

Tharek Mohtar - Italy

Design and improve equipment and industrial processes for our products.

  • Out of the box thinking
  • Modern research and development
  • Quality assurance and cost reduction



Crafted by Tharek

Tharek’s job is to organize and perform research and development activities. These activities include computer simulations of manufacturing processes and industrial equipment, the design of test benches, and the execution of experiments followed by the analysis of their results.

Since day one, I’ve been through a continuous improvement process both on a personal and professional level. I’m learning through induction sessions and meetings with colleagues from the engineering, production and management teams, and Ferrero is giving me access to several hard and soft skill courses that have the potential to advance my career.

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