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Our People

Everything we do is driven by a passionate commitment to people and communities. It starts with our consumers, to whom we guarantee quality, transparency, safety and freshness, and includes every employee and former employee. The Ferrero Group’s origins and its ongoing growth are possible thanks to the unconditional passion and continued faith in our brands, from one generation to the next.

Our People - Our Team

Our Team

Ferrero is a global environment enriched by the professional and cultural diversity of our incredible team. We have 47,000 employees from 120+ nationalities with an equitable mix of talented people. Their enthusiasm and commitment form part of what makes our company so unique.

Key Facts:

  • The diversity of our employees reflects our expanding global outlook
  • 47,000 employees from 120+ nationalities
  • We are continuously working to increase the number of women in leadership roles
  • Our continuous learning programs provide more than 599,000 annual training hours
  • We host 24,000+ participants per year at training sessions
  • We listen to employees and implement their feedback to enhance our workplace
  • We value the importance of promoting health, safety and wellbeing
  • We continue to support our former employees through Ferrero Foundation programs.


Our People - Our Consumers

Our Consumers

For over 70 years, we’ve put our consumers at the centre of our world. From the quality, innovation and safety of our products through to the transparency of our communications, the passion to satisfy them is at the heart of our daily activities.

Key Facts:

  • We guarantee the maximum quality, freshness and safety of our products
  • We have the shortest shelf life in the industry
  • We ensure the quality of our products through multiple initiatives such as a global taste project involving 2,081 tasters trained according to the Ferrero Group Tasting Procedure
  • We protect our raw materials with 1.5M+ controls within our production and manufacturing plants
  • We ensure the safety and quality of our toys with 75 different tests, compared to the 48 required by law
  • Our high-quality products can be integrated into a varied diet and an active, healthy lifestyle
  • Most of all, we aim to take care of our consumers in everything we do
  • 100+
    Companies in 50+ countries
  • 37
    Manufacturing plants
  • 7
    Hazelnut Company manufacturing plants
  • 170+
    Countries where our products are present
  • 17billion
    Consolidated turnover 2022/2023
Our People - Our Initiatives

Our Initiatives

Every aspect of our forward-thinking business model revolves around a solid chain of values that prioritise care for communities and corporate responsibility. This is seen within initiatives such as the Michele Ferrero Entrepreneurial Project, which aims to create jobs and pursue the realization of social and humanitarian projects in the communities where we operate. Or the promotion of sports and healthy lifestyles through programs such as Kinder+Sport Joy of Moving, aimed at young people and their families. And finally, the Ferrero Foundation, which has been spreading services, culture, and nutritional awareness for the last 30 years.

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