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For over 70 years, we’ve been creating products loved by generations. We’ve grown what started as a small Italian family business into the world’s 3rd largest chocolate confectionery company in 2021*.

And if we look at specific product categories – including Chocolate Spreads, Boxed Assortments, Chocolate with Toys, and Chilled Snacks, Ferrero is among the leaders*.


*Source: Euromonitor International Limited 2021 © All rights reserved



Key Facts

Based on Euromonitor International Limited 2022 © All rights reserved:

  • 1

    Ferrero is the 3rd largest chocolate confectionery company in the world

  • 2

    Nutella is the number 1 chocolate spread in the world

Innovation Milestones:

Based on NielsenIQ RMS data for the breakthrough innovations Awards, Ferrero was regarded as one of the winners:

  • 1

    Hanuta Riegel in Germany, 2021

  • 2

    In US, with Kinder Bueno for 2021

  • 3

    In China, with Happy Hippo for 2021

  • 4

    In France, with Nutella Biscuits for 2020.

  • 5

    In US, with Kinder Joy for 2019.

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